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Sandusky, OH - Cedar Point

I. Love. Cedar. Point.

Originally from Northwest Ohio, I've been coming to Cedar Point since I was a kid. I will argue it has the best coasters of anywhere else! We went together two years ago, and then I got him a trip back for Christmas 2019. We all know what happened by summer of 2020, so we had to wait a whole extra year to use those trip vouchers.

When we visited last time, we discussed how if we were only going to make it there once per season, we should get Fast Pass, so thankfully the ticket deal I scored included those. We also shared the meal plan that allowed us to eat from a selection of restaurants as often as every 90 minutes, and the drink plan that allowed us to get a fountain drink as often as every 15 minutes!

We only waited maybe 15 minutes at the most for some of the bigger coasters, and many were even just walk-on! Totally worth it, as we were able to knock out almost every "must ride" coaster on our list.

Unfortunately, due to a ride malfunction several days prior to our visit that resulted in a head injury to a visitor, our absolute favorite ride, Top Thrill Dragster was closed and will remain closed for the rest of the 2021 season while they investigate the incident and hopefully repair it. We were sad to miss out, but hope the injured woman recovers and the park is able to figure out the malfunction and restore our 17 seconds of adrenaline pumping fun!

Since we were able to ride all of the big coasters so quickly, we had plenty of time to ride the stuff we usually don't take the time to enjoy. We had fun on the Dodge Em' cars, we rode the carousel, we may or may not have placed a wager on who would finish ahead on the Cedar Downs horse racing ride, and Toad even let me drive him around in the Classic Cars! We rested our feet while riding the Snake River Expedition boat ride, and since Toad had never experienced it, we took the train from Frontier Town up through "Bone-ville"! We made sure to get a little Toft's ice cream and Toad got his picture with a very stylish cow.

The park closed at 8 pm, but we had done all we set out to do by 7, so we beat the traffic to get back to our hotel and cool off in the pool.

We hope you enjoy! The adventure continues...

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