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Morrow, OH

We were lucky enough to be invited along with the Images by Daniel Michael crew for a fun day on the water. We started the day at Morgan's Canoe and Outdoor Adventures. As soon as the whole group had assembled, we all made our way to a mix of single and tandem kayaks and even a couple of canoes before setting out on a six mile journey down the Little Miami River.

The weather was perfect for being on the water (HOT!) and I am so thankful I remembered my big beach hat, slathered myself in 30 spf, and topped it off with a spray down of 50 spf. This ginger usually burns even on the part of her hair, but not today!

Toad, on the other hand, was not so lucky and burned his chest and shoulders.

Our group wasn't alone on the river today, and we even saw plenty of water doggos with other people, riding with their little life jackets and cooling off on the hot day by swimming and splashing with sticks and tennis balls.

We stopped for lunch a little before the halfway point, and then again AT the halfway point for bathrooms and an ice cream concession stand. Our group spread out a bit as the day went on, with some family groups stopping to swim for a bit, but everyone made it to the end before being picked up by a bus to drive back to our starting point (where our cars were parked). We had a great day and are so thankful to Dan for inviting us along!

We hope you enjoy! The adventure continues...

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