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San Francisco, CA

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

We rolled into San Francisco on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, crossing the Bay Bridge. I got my first look at Alcatraz and would love to go back to take the tour when we're not on a tight schedule.

We especially loved the hoodie cat billboards that we saw all over the place, and thought you might too! (the first one looks a little like my buddy on the plane!)

After making a quick Toadmatic delivery to a local DJ, we arrived at our hotel and got ready for evening fun. We took the CalTrain from our hotel to downtown for a Giants vs. Dodgers game at Oracle Park. The street vendors had what looked like rolling flat-top grills with bacon-wrapped brats & grilled veggies that smelled amazing. We may have to go back just so to try them, because we opted to split a burger at a local bar instead. It was windy and chilly, but we had a great time watching all the people in this rivalry matchup. I almost bought a Giants hoodie just for additional layers, but once we moved from our seats to the more interior corridor of the stadium, the wind was blocked and it felt much better. We were told that we HAD to try the crab sandwich at the park, but seafood is a big no for me and Toad was not hungry enough to tackle the giant hoagie.

We hope you enjoy! The adventure continues...

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