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Lohr Professional Groups, LLC

Let's get to know each other!

Melissa Lohr (she/her) is a Professional Wedding Planner & Officiant, a Public Speaker, 

Educator, & Consultant. She is a widowed mother of two amazing adults

and two spoiled chihuahuas.

She is a lover of adventure and traveling the country with her sweet man, Toad.

She loves to workout, the color pink, and hot chai lattes.

Melissa began her wedding planning career in 2007, launching her first business Beautiful Memories Wedding & Event Planning. She loves all the little details of wedding planning and has also been a wedding officiant since 2009. 

Melissa enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others, whether it is by her public speaking opportunities, the classes she teaches, or the blog she writes. 

I'm so thankful you're here and I hope you find something helpful! I look forward to getting to know you as I share my gifts and talents!


About Me!

United States - Cincinnati, Ohio                          419-944-0157                             

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